Mama’s Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies – KETO

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Mrs. Claus needed her cookie fix too; so I set out to tweak our favorite classic recipe using low carb ingredients and alternative sweeteners. It took multiple batches to get the ratios right but here it is. You are sure to be on the “nice list” this year with these incredible cookies, I bet Santa wouldn’t even know they were…

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Creamy Tomato Soup -Low Carb & Dairy Free

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Winter is among us and I’m basically freezing all the time. Layers and warm comfort food are all I need to stay chipper and enjoy the long, northeastern winter. This tomato soup is my absolute favorite low carb soup to make because it is so quick, easy AND it’s dairy free… which means my mother can enjoy a bowl and…

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Mama’s Chuck Roast -Keto/Low Carb

I have this binder my mother made me when I left home at 18 years old. The binder is filled with favorite recipes from my childhood. Through the years we’d add to the binder… I’d call her saying do you remember making #*&?… Can you dig up that recipe for me? I cherish this book but sadly many of my…

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Mama’s Muffins- Low Carb/Keto

My kids love muffins, they eat them almost every morning, AND I love that muffins make crazy mornings a bit less insane.  I am totally missing that ease in my own personal breakfast routine. Especially on the days I need more than just coffee. The muffins my kids eat don’t align with my diet but that got me thinking- why can’t…

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Mama’s Pancakes

Ode to the pancake. This “weekend classic” is loaded with nostalgia for many. My old go to recipe was a doctored up bisquick base which I then fried in Crisco lard and served doused in New Hampshire Maple Syrup….. Not one ingredient in this was even close to something I can eat now- well the eggs. It actually seemed impossible…

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Buffalo Chicken Pie- Keto

I recently saw this meme and it inspired me to skip the story-which honestly is the hardest part of recipe blogging anyway. If you like Buffalo sauce, this is your new favorite Keto Dinner and I don’t want my story to keep you from this masterpiece-  so here you go!

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Keto: Pumpkin Drop Biscuits

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School has started and the leaves are changing. I hate to see summer go but there is something so satisfying about fall, especially in New England.  I love the foggy mornings, wearing my riding boots, sipping hot coffee and all things pumpkin. Man I love pumpkin…. and I just recently learned that pumpkin is low carb. I assumed with its…

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Pulled White BBQ Chicken

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Growing up, “BBQ” always meant grilling “hot dogs” and “hamburgers” and then we moved south.  Which is where my “BBQ” romance began. Here “BBQ” is so much more, pulled pork, smoked brisket, sausage and my favorite pulled chicken – all smothered in BBQ sauce. There are tons of restaurants in Jacksonville that have perfected the art of BBQ- endless delicious…

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Sweet Drop Biscuits – Keto/Low Carb

June is a month full of celebration for our family. We have an abundance of birthdays and get to celebrate the wonderful father’s in our lives.  My main squeeze’s Birthday falls just days before Fathers Day- double the fun for him!  Every year we forgo the traditional birthday cake for strawberry shortcake.  We’ve done pound cake, angel food cake and…

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